Elisa Baker was greatest mistake and other disturbing details

Adam Baker
Adam Baker

Murdered Girl’s Father: Wife Elisa “Biggest Mistake of My Life”:

In talking to a Charlotte, NC TV station Adam Baker says that marrying Elisa Baker, aka Sheen-Cow, was the biggest mistake of his life.

I think I speak for everyone when I say…Gee, ya think????

Adam Baker still proclaims his innocence in the death and dismemberment of his daughter Zahra Baker. Again, I seriously doubt that claim that he was completely unaware of everything that was going on with his own daughter.

One more detail from the article that I was not aware of and you may want to stop reading if you’re easily upset. To this day Zahra Baker’s head had not been found. Coroners also say that two different tools were used to dismember her body and that her body had been gnawed on by animals, all post mortem.

Elisa Baker is looking at 40 years.

Adam Baker has also ‘temporarily’ left the state of North Carolina in order to avoid harassment.

2 thoughts on “Elisa Baker was greatest mistake and other disturbing details”

  1. That’s rich! This fucking moron left the state so he didn’t have to suffer HARRASSMENT! Oh my GOD! It might have been a good idea for him to leave the state BEFORE his daughter was brutally murdered and dismembered (and taken HER WITH HIM). This douchetastic individual should have been locked in a cage so people could stone him to death. He didn’t know what was going on. MY ASS he didn’t. That is bullshit. Period. I know EVERYTHING that goes on with my kids. Even when i’m not here. I have always taught them to come to me and TELL me what’s happening, GOOD or BAD! Parenting 101, LISTEN to YOUR KIDS! That’s right up there with PROTECTING them and CARING for them, and FEEDING them and CLOTHING the, etc… Some pretty basic shit. He should at least be charged for neglect, and even aiding the abuser. That’s exaclty what he did. Ok. Angry rant over.


  2. ugh, I hadn’t realized they had not found her head. that is fucked up. this bitch should just be drawn, quartered and left for the animals to finish off like she did with Zahra. He may not have killed her but he is obviously so drunk on cunt that his mind has turned to mush. For as much as she was abused before her death, he HAD to have known SOMETHING was up. I still think his ass should be sitting right there beside her in jail. I’m not buying his fake ass “oh my daughter is dead poor me” act. He’s a piece of shit excuse for a parent. he deserves the ridicule for such crap parenting and being such a fucking coward.


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