Elisa Baker spared the death penalty

They shoot Sheen-Cows don't they?
They shoot Sheen-Cows don’t they?

Elisa Baker’s former attorney defends taking death penalty off the table:

It seems that the Sheen-Cow, Elisa Baker, will not be ‘put out to pasture’ for the brutal death and dismemberment of her step-daughter, Zahra Baker.

According to Baker’s former attorney, it seems a deal was struck to take the death penalty off the table in order for Baker to let investigators know where Zahra’s remains were.

As much as I would like to see Baker get the needle I can’t say I disagree with this deal since it allowed Zahra’s remains to be found. I’d rather see partial justice than no justice at all.

3 thoughts on “Elisa Baker spared the death penalty”

  1. Since the O.J. debacle, I always worry that an obviously guilty killer will escape justice because of a deeply stupid jury. I’ll be satisfied to get her off the street with no chance of an acquittal by twelve morons.


  2. I swear, sometimes prison justice makes more sense than the “justice” system. That’s what it’ll be getting, too. Prison justice.

    At least Zahra will finally get some closure from up in heaven. I wonder if they’ll give Zahra a proper burial now? I hope so.


  3. Wow. I had forgotten about Zahra until I came across this post. I hate this woman, I just want to smack that stupid look off her face.


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