Shrink testifies that Carneal ‘heard voices’

Michael Carneal
Michael Carneal

Yesterday, a clinical psychologist testified that Heath High School gunman, Michael Carneal, was mentally incompetent and didn’t understand his guilty plea. Carneal is serving a life sentence for the 1997 shooting at Heath High that killed 3.

The shrink claims that at the age of 13 Carneal was hearing voices and having hallucinations. Supposedly the voices, called ‘The Danes’, made Carneal commit the shooting and threatened him not to tell anyone of their existence. The shrink also said that Carneal wasn’t even aware of his actions until 2004.

The voices excuse is always a convenient one because no one else can verify the presence of said voices. And from what I understand, auditory hallucinations at the age of 14, which Carneal was at the time he committed the murders, are extremely rare.

This is nothing more than a ploy for a now-adult Carneal to try to escape responsibility for the pointless murder of 3 children.

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