Shrink: Carneal is faking it

Michael Carneal
Michael Carneal

In testimony this week to see if Heath High School gunman Michael Carneal deserves a new trial for the 1997 school shooting, a clinical and forensic psychologist basically said that Carneal is faking it

Clark said the answers Carneal provided to another test, the MMPI, were so outrageous the computer could not score it. He testified Carneal worked hard at providing answers he knew would help his case.

So, basically, I stand by my supposition that Carneal was sane at the time of the shooting, he’s sane now, and he’s trying to game the system into giving him another trial.

When murderers like Carneal ask for a new trial, I always like to say be careful what you wish for. Instead of a life sentence, you could end up with a 100+ years Kip Kinkel-like sentence.

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