Cassie Jo Stoddart’s killer seeks new trial

Brain Draper
Brain Draper

I’ve posted about Brian Draper many times before. In 2006 Draper and his cohort Torey Adamcik stabbed Cassie Jo Stoddart of Pocatello, Idaho to death. At the time of her murder, Draper and Adamcik made a video of the murder and bragged about killing Cassie Jo in the video. Here’s a sample…

“Just killed Cassie, we just left her house, this is not a f***ing joke,” says Brian Draper on the homemade videotape. “I’m shaking,” replies Adamcik.”I stabbed her in the throat and I saw her lifeless body just disappear,” says Draper.

Let’s not forget that Draper was also a Columbine worshiping mutant

This is a passage written by Draper that was shown in court today. Titled Columbine, it reads: “I am becoming more and more obsessed with Columbine. It seems now that that’s all I think about. I would give anything to go back in time, and be a part of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold’s lives. They are my heroes. I will follow in their footsteps and maybe I’ll even meet them.”

Adamcik and Draper were both 16 at the time of Cassie Jo’s murder but were tried as adults and both were given life sentences.  They’ve both have had appeals for reduced sentences denied but now Draper is shooting for a new trial on the “Think of the Children” plan…

Sentencing Brian Draper — who was 16 at the time of the crime — to life in prison without the possibility of parole would be unconstitutionally cruel, state appellate public defender Molly Huskey told justices

Huskey argued a district court judge erred in sentencing Draper to the fixed life term. Huskey said her client’s immaturity and poor judgment were partially attributable to his youth at the time of the crime and that he deserved a chance for release. She also said the jury received erroneous instructions.

“Even if this court finds that a fixed life sentence can be imposed on a juvenile, that sentence cannot be imposed based solely on the egregiousness of the offense,” Huskey said.
If justices won’t vacate his conviction, she wants them to give him a life sentence that allows for his release after 30 years.

How come cruel and unusual only applies to the treatment of killers but not their victims? Was it not cruel and unusual for Cassie Jo Stoddart to be stabbed in the throat and then videotaped? This case has nothing to do with immaturity and poor judgment but has everything to do with two little mutant bastards just being plain evil. If you don’t know that stabbing someone in the throat is wrong by the time your 16 then you should be removed from society anyway. Also as I’ve said with many murders before Cassie Jo can’t be released from death after 30 years so why should Draper be released from prison?

The guilty should be punished not coddled.

4 thoughts on “Cassie Jo Stoddart’s killer seeks new trial”

  1. I had a conversation with my niece about this when she was 16, a few years ago. We were discussing another case here in the Bay Area, also “thrill killing” done by juveniles. She was wondering why people were upset about the LOP sentence that had been handed down. I explained to her that brain research is clear about how the development of pre-frontal cortex isn’t completely developed until well after the teen years, and that teens aren’t always able to foresee the consequences of their actions. I also explained that I completely agreed with this — and she supplied the “but” — that doesn’t mean that 16-year-olds go around stabbing people to death every day. Seriously. So if she could figure it out when she is high school, it shouldn’t be hard for her elders. The LOP is not always cruel and unusual punishment when the overall safety of society is concerned. There are cases where compassion and understanding are necessary, and where the teen involved should get a shot at redemption. This isn’t one of those cases. These two murderous creeps are exactly where they belong, and they need to die there.


  2. Fry the kid, save tax payers the burden of paying for him for the rest of his life. And God help us all if he gets our.


  3. I watched the interview of Brian and Torey. I can not understand how anyone cannot see the remorse Brian has for his actions. Yes the young girl is dead which is horrible. Also the details of that night are hard to listen to. But unlike the other boy Torey, I believe Brian is different. He seems very remorseful. Which is more than you can say about others who are released every day for crimes just as bad. He should have to do time in prison no doubt but to say never released when his desire to make changes in his life is obvious. I have heard of people who killed someone and getting 6 or 7 yrs. All lives are worth the same. My brother was murdered by his so called best friend. He only got 25 years. He bragged about it and held my brother’s girlfriend hostage for three days.So i understand the pain the Stoddart family feels. Although I still believe Brian should have a chance for parole.


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