Dane Abdool’s mom sentenced for embezzling

If you don’t remember the story of Dane Abdool is a holdover from the old News of Doom days. Abdool was convicted and sentenced to death for setting his then-girlfriend, Amelia Sookdeo, on fire killing her.

His mom, 47-year-old Nazreen Mohammed, admitted to embezzling from financial institutions she worked for in order to help pay for her son’s legal defense. Mohammed believes that her son is innocent even though it was a very open and shut case. Mohammed would drain the accounts of the elderly and the deceased in order to try to get her murdering psychopath of a son released.

Last week she was sentenced to 5 years in federal prison and 3 years probation.

I never understood why families stick together like this when one of their members is obviously guilty. If a member of my family wrapped a 17-year-old girl in duct tape, doused her in gasoline, threw her in a ditch and set her on fire I would probably be the first person calling for their execution.

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