The real victims in the Mumia Abu Jamal situation

Officer Daniel Faulkner
Officer Daniel Faulkner

Michael Smerconish is one of my favorite journalists of all time. He’s been following the Mumia Abu Jamal debacle as long as I can remember. He’s a journalist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and has long been an opponent of the ‘Free Mumia’ movement.

In this column, Mr. Smerconish recounts the moments that the family of slain Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner found out that he had been shot and killed by Abu Jamal (real name Wesley Cook).

I urge you to please read the entire article since being a hack blogger I could not do it the justice it deserves. However, I will leave you with one quote by Mr. Smercornish which puts the whole deal in perspective to those with common sense…

Pennsylvania’s death penalty is a fraud and a fiction. More than 200 inmates sit on death row, but even they know that only three individuals have had such sentences carried out since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstituted capital punishment in the 1970s – and each of them asked for it. Heck, not only can you live a long life after murdering a cop, but you also can deliver radio commentaries, write books, and be a college commencement speaker.

The fact that more people know who Mumia Abu Jamal is and not Daniel Faulkner is a disgrace.

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