22 arrested in craigslist and Backpage sting

Polk County (Fla.)Sheriff Grady Judd

Ok, I’m officially declaring Grady Judd my favorite sheriff in the country. In the history of all my blogs, I don’t think I’ve ever posted about any sheriff more than Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, Florida.

In his latest sting dubbed Operation Last House Call Sheriff Judd and his department arrested 22 people in a sting that used both Backpage and craigslist among other sites. The sting targeted people who wanted to have sex with underage kids.

According to a sheriff’s statement, the ads typically read “mom/stepparent/aunt/guardian seeking guidance for my daughter/stepdaughter/niece.”

So now you know some of the code to look out for.

Another reason I like Sheriff Judd is that he doesn’t do just one sting to garner publicity. I’ve lost count how many stings that he’s done. Sheriff Judd also has a warning for predators in his jurisdiction…

For those of you that think you got it figured out. You only see what we did last time. But we are still coming after you. If you are going to bother children, if you are going to talk to children in a perverse manner, we are going to investigate you, we are going to lock you up. We are not going to let you be in society where you can attack children,” said Judd.

We need more law enforcement like Sheriff Judd.

The imaginary girls that were being advertised to these sickos were said to be between 9 and 14 years old. One of these cretins wanted to have sex with both the ‘mom’ and daughter. One of the suspects was a sex offender and another has a history of dating violence. Some of the suspects said they were going to ‘teach’ the girls to have sex.

Those arrested were…

25-year-old Stephen K. Allen of Orlando, 27-year-old Shawn M. Bartmann of Lakeland, 29-year-old Joseph C. Bolinao of Orlando, 58-year-old David R. Cohen of Maryland, 48-year-old Brian L. Detty of Clearwater, 18-year-old George T. Drage Orlando, 36-year-old Brian S. Fenn of Bartow, 24-year-old Sean I. Giuliani of Land ‘o Lakes, 60-year-old Grammatas Grammatas of Holiday, 24-year-old Nicardo Hamilton of Spring Hill, 41-year-old Nicholas Hillman of Seffner, 52-year-old Andre Jezierski of Winter Park, 39-year-old Anthony Lampp of Fort White, 61-year-old Robert Langley of Ocoee, 41-year-old Richard Lightfoot of Missouri, 29-year-old Rene Mercado of Texas, 45-year-old Richard Misenhelder of Gulf Port, 67-year-old James Rosenthal of Clearwater, 33-year-old Brian Rudolph of Orlando, 39-year-old Chad Siperly of Brandon, 34-year-old Jay Stroup of Viginia, and 36-year-old Malcolm Watkins of Orlando.

One of the suspects allegedly brought a cat o’ nine tails and a gimp mask with him. He was planning on using those with an 11-year-old girl.

Here are your mugshots.

I’m guessing, and I’m probably right, that the ads on craigslist and Backpage were not flagged by the users. Of course, they wouldn’t be because the people who troll the sections that these ads are posted on don’t report shit. This is what they’re looking for. Just further proof that the personals sections and the casual encounters section on both sites are in desperate need of moderation, but neither site is willing to spend the money to do so.

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