The Red Lake bullying myth


In this editorial by Tom Weber of Minnesota Public Radio Mr. Weber decries the lack of teeth of Minnesota’s anti-bullying law. I’ll give him no grief for that however like a lot of journalists Mr. Weber makes somewhat of a false statement. Since it’s Minnesota instead of citing Columbine Mr. Weber cites Red Lake instead…

Then on March 21, 2005, 16-year old Jeffrey Weise killed nine people — including seven at Red Lake High School — in a shooting rampage before killing himself. In the aftermath, authorities looked into reports that Weise had endured bullying and taunts from other students because of his “goth” look and black clothes.

Mr. Weber is actually smart by playing fast and loose with his language. In his quote, he says that authorities looked into claims of bullying. It reads like that it’s inferred that Weise was bullied. However by my recollection, just like the Columbine cowards, Jeff Weise was not bullied but was the bully himself. There are accounts that people reached out to Weise but every hand extended to him was slapped away.

Again I bullying is and has been a scourge in our schools however if you use statements that aren’t true to support your point of view you’re doing a disservice to those that you’re trying to help.

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