Elisa Baker indicted on drug charges

Elisa Baker. Hillbilly heroin. Who would have guessed?
Elisa Baker. Hillbilly heroin. Who would have guessed?

Elisa Baker Indicted On Drug Trafficking Charges:

Oh, poor Sheen-Cow. Things just keep getting worse for her. I for one say good.

Last week Elisa Baker was indicted on charges of drug trafficking. As I’m sure you know Baker was the step-mother of Zahra Baker who was brutally murdered and dismembered and her body strewn about the county. Baker has been charged with Zahra’s murder.

Baker is being federally charged with distributing oxycodone and hydrocodone for the past 4 years. For those of you not medically inclined those are the generic names for Oxycontin and Vicodin. Oxycontin has gotten the slang name of Hillbilly Heroin for its prevalent abuse among those in pre-manufactured dwellings, trailer trash if you will.

On the drug charges alone Baker is looking at a max of 140 years.

Whatever keeps her behind bars is ok with me.

6 thoughts on “Elisa Baker indicted on drug charges”

  1.  One quick mistake…. oxycodone is generic for  Percocet…. I just got my wisdom tooth pulled and thats what I got….. Still awful and this murderous cow should never see the light of day again, I just wanted to clear up that mix up…. 


  2.  Okay, why the fuck would any foreign guy with a lovely but ill daughter decide to come to the US to marry this piece of garbage?!

    This drug-addled, murderous bitch makes NC look terrible.  We’re really not that bad!


  3. This thing can go to Hell for it’s murder of poor little Zahra.  Stay in jail, hope you like your daily beatings, Thing!


  4. Poor Poor Adam.  All these terrible things happening in his home and the sweet innocent man child didn’t even know.  What the hell is wrong with the justice system,  Adam should be in jail with Elisa.  They must think if they leave Adam free he will lead them to the the spot where they buried Zahara’s head.  What deal did Adam make with the DA that has allowed him to pass go without going to JAIL????


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