Camden is burning again

Concord Chemical fire in Camden
Concord Chemical fire in Camden

Camden’s 3d major fire in 10 days levels factory:

ATF heads investigation of latest Camden fire:

For the third time in less than 2 weeks Camden, NJ has experienced its third major multi-alarm fire. This time it was this past Sunday when the former home of Concord Chemical Inc.

Camden officials haven’t come right out and finally admitted they may have an arsonist on their hands but they called in the ATF. On the local news, some officials have bandied about the theory of scrap metal thieves sparking the blaze accidentally with a blow torch. Interesting theory but three different times? It’s Camden and half the police and fire departments have been laid off. It’s arson.

Speaking of the fire departments according to one article fire departments from all over Camden County were called in to help fight the blaze. So now the city of Camden has not only drained its own resources but now they’re draining the resources of neighboring municipalities.

It’s only going to get worse. It can’t possibly get better. If you’re in Camden now get out while you still can.

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