The Village Voice attacks CNN’s Amber Lyon

Amber Lyon
Amber Lyon

CNN’s Amber Lyon Ambushed Craigslist — But She Won’t Talk to The Village Voice:

Not satisfied with going after Ashton Kutcher and his crusade against human trafficking The Village Voice has taken to going after CNN reporter Amber Lyon.

For those of you who may not know Amber Lyon has been instrumental in reporting on human trafficking in the United States. She is probably most famous for her ‘ambush’ interview of Craig Newmark, the Craig in craigslist. In the interview, she asked Mr. Newmark about the obvious prostitution ads on craigslist to which Mr. Newmark had no answer. A lot of activists say that this was crucial in getting craigslist to shut down their adult/erotic services sections worldwide.

Now in the ultimate case of the pot calling the kettle black The Village Voice has accused Ms. Lyon of bad journalism. That’s funny coming from The Village Voice since their parent company, Village Voice Media owns The craigslist clone that still has a plethora of ads where children and women are bought and sold into sexual slavery.

Once again The Village Voice claims that this is a First Amendment issue that couldn’t be further from the truth. This has always been a money issue as in Village Voice Media is making money hand over fist through the prostitution ads on Backpage.

The fact that The Village Voice is supporting Backpage’s trafficking ads shows not only that they have zero objectivity but zero credibility as well.

3 thoughts on “The Village Voice attacks CNN’s Amber Lyon”

  1. Hmm… did you read the article?  Do you have any response to the argument that the incidence of child prostitution in the US is wildly overstated by Ms. Lyon and her sources?  What about the conflict of interest in her raising funds for her sources?


    1. I read every word and if you think that Village Voice’s numbers are even close to accurate you’re sadly mistaken. It seems to me like VVM sat down and said “How can we get the lowest number of child trafficking stats possible” then worked their way backwards from there. Not to mention that numbers don’t really matter because the fact remains that Village Voice Media is making money off of the trafficking of women in children. 


  2. Isn’t just ONE illegal ad selling CHILD prostitution and trafficking (you know, innocent, helpless children) enough for you? How many children’s lives need to be ruined to be considered “wildly overstated?” I hope to the heavens that you do not have children of your own. 


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