Michael Carneal’s plea withdraw request denied

Michael Carneal
Michael Carneal

School shooter Michael Carneal loses bid to withdraw guilty plea:

Michael Carneal was the gunman at the 1997 school shooting at Heath High School in Paducah, Kentucky. Paducah was ground zero of what I like to call the modern era of school shootings that started in the 90s with Carneal, that claimed the lives of 3. Then followed Jonesboro, then Kip Kinkel and then Columbine. Carneal is currently serving a life sentence with the eligibility for parole after 25 years.

Recently, Carneal has been trying to get his guilty plea thrown out, claiming that he heard voices which caused him not only to commit the shooting but also to make the guilty plea. Again I ask how come ‘the voices’ never tell you to paint the house or assist the elderly, but I digress. This past Wednesday, a judge threw out Carneal’s most recent request to withdraw his guilty plea, saying that time ran out for Carneal to make this request.

U.S. District Judge Thomas B. Russell said in a ruling Wednesday that 28-year-old Michael Adam Carneal likely could have challenged the guilty plea in 2002 or 2003 before the clock ran out on his opportunity to appeal. Russell said the mental illness was under control by then.

Carneal has always blamed others for the shooting. He claimed he was bullied yet shot kids in a prayer circle. Then he claimed the voices made him do it. On top of that, he’s never apologized to his victims. Personally, I think that Carneal was never mentally ill and is just looking for any way to get out of jail and shirk responsibility for his killing spree, like most school shooters that have survived.

2 thoughts on “Michael Carneal’s plea withdraw request denied”

  1. You know I don’t buy the bullying excuse, but just because they were in a prayer circle doesn”t mean they aren’t bullies, in fact where I am from the holy roller kids were quite often the cruelest. Especially to kids that question or don’t believe the way they do.


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