Man with no neck charged with rape of 15-year-old girl from MyYearbook

Thomas Hutchinson
Thomas Hutchinson

Tewksbury man arraigned on child rape, extortion:

DA appeals to potential victims of Tewksbury man:

The human bowl cut over there (or Fat Spock, I couldn’t decide) is 19-year-old Thomas Hutchinson of Tewksbury, Mass. He’s been accused of raping a 15-year-old girl that he met through MyYearbook. This wasn’t your normal online hook-up though. Hutchinson allegedly not only posed as a girl on the site but also used an elaborate form of the modeling scam.

Investigators say that Hutchinson posed as a girl named Brittney and told his victim that ‘she’ could get her a job in modeling. This, of course, followed requests for pictures of the victim first in a bathing suit that the requests got more explicit. That’s when ‘Brittney’ said that if the victim didn’t have sex with her friend ‘Tommy’ that she would post the explicit pictures on the internet and if she didn’t she would be raped. She was raped anyway as Hutchinson allegedly drove to her house and forced her into his car where he raped her.

After Hutchinson was arrested and police investigated his home and computer they found even more child porn and they believe he may have had more victims…

If you think you may have been a victim of the defendant, or know someone who may have been victimized by the defendant, you are asked to call the Medford Police Department Computer Crimes Unit at 781-396-0893.

Hutchinson used the e-mail addresses of and to allegedly commit the scam and rape.

Again to the girls out there, any legitimate modeling agency, if there is such a thing, will not contact you through a social networking site. They will not bypass your parents to ask for photos. Not to mention the odds of actually becoming a successful model are about the same as winning the lottery.

Parents, warn your daughters about this scam. Pedophiles and predators will prey upon their vanity in order to groom your children. And as always be more wary of their internet activities. You’re the only defense between your children and online predators.

UPDATE 10/20/2011: NoNeck McFatty has been indicted on charges of child porn and child rape.

UPDATE 4/2/2012: Hutchinson has been indicted on 46 additional charges after investigators were able to identify at least 17 more alleged victims. Police say there still may be more.

In this latest round of charges, investigators say he not only used the Brittany alias but also the aliases of ‘steve.modeling’, Sean Mullen and Jess Adams. Some of the new victims have also claimed to have been sexually assaulted.

Authorities continue to attempt to identify additional victims depicted in videos found on the defendant’s computer. If you think you may have been a victim of the defendant, or know someone who may have been victimized by the defendant, you are asked to call the Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office at 781-897-6600.

With all due respect to his defenders that have previously posted comments, it looks like the trust you had in your friend was unwarranted.

UPDATE 6/29/2013: Hutchinson was sentenced to 15 years after pleading guilty. Nowhere near enough in my opinion. He’ll be in his mid-30s when he gets out which will give him plenty of time to prey again. Thanks to Never_Speechless for the tip.

21 thoughts on “Man with no neck charged with rape of 15-year-old girl from MyYearbook”

  1. FYI     To all out there, this is not what happened!!!    That’s why the police are releasing so much info on a currnet case, they have nothing, only an allegation by a girl who sends boys and young men nude photos of herself.  Think about that…..She gave her home address so this “alledged” preditor could come to her house under the threat of raping her!!!   Come on people…..where is your common sense, something else is in play here.  The question is what…………….


    1. Are you kidding me?  Any adult who used this girl, who would obviously suffer from low self-esteem, lack of supervision and probably lack of attention, is a sick fuck.  How on earth can you blame her?  A child?  The men who preyed on her are to blame, as are the parents who failed to protect her.  You’re a moron.  Or are you a pervert too?  Or possibly both.  I’m going with both.  Do the world a favor and go play in traffic.


  2. no one is blaming her.  She sounds to be a very troubled girl, but think about it, she thinks it’s a modeling agency, or so she says, and then proceeds to send, over the www, naked, explicit, degrading photos of herself doing things, to an alledged modling agent????    COME ON!!!!!!!    and then, according to some reports i’ve read, this boy/man says he will destroy the photos she has just sent, and she had no problem sending, then treatens to “rape” her if she does meet him for sex.  WHAT?????????   are you kidding me?????   what in God’s name is going on????   If someone was threatened with any crime, even rape, why not go to the police, or a parent???   Where are the parents, or gardians???????    For all those who are saying I said she deserved it, I’M NOT!!!!!!!   NO WOMAN OR CHILD SHOULD have this happen to them, EVER!!!!!!   But where is the common sense here?????   SOMETHING STINKS ABOUT THIS WHOLE MATTER…..that’s all i’m saying, when something does sound right, it usally isn’t true, or we are being FOOLED……


      1. thanks Trench for the response… adults we think with logic, I HOPE, but something is terribly wrong with this. I hope you understand my point.  Beleive me, if the rape accured, than fry the bastard.  But seriously, the law is clear in these matters, “whomever sends or causes to be sent, the explicit images of anyone uder the age of 16, shall be guily of deseminations of child pornography”   to that end, she sent them to this boy and according to most reports, at least 4-5 others. Also, per the same reports, only one was in a bikini, the other 3 were very explicit naked photos of the girl in very degrading positions and in one, she is doing things to herself with a smile on her face. I again ask you, or anyone out there for that matter, what type of modeling agency was she soliciting??????   To defend the boy’s position, this yearbook website or page she was on did say that she was 17 1/2  not 15. and there are reports that if they did meet, the boy picked her up at her house, they drove around for a while, spent some time together, the alledged rape time, then went to the store, got gas and he brought her back to her house. Trench, I am in disbelief, AND IT IS ABOUT THE WHOLE THING..  Also, this boy has NEVER been in trouble before or since, and is gainfully employed in a very large coorporation who as I understand it, have looked into this and have decided to help him out and keep him working at his present job, probably until the outcome of this matter. I guess the see him in a different light and wish not to pass judgement at this time.  who knows if that will change, we shall see.  One question for your thoughs, anyones thoughts, has the girl been charged with deceminating child pornography?????  and if not, why?????  She put the ball in motion here, and the law is clear, that’s a crime…..Thanks


        1. That would be correct Mike IF she had sent the photos unsolicited which according to most reports she did not. It seems like they were sent under false pretenses and later coercion. That makes her a victim. And even if she was 17 1/2 by law that is still considered child porn. And just because he hasn’t been in trouble before doesn’t mean he hasn’t broken the law before. 


  3. I am now 19 years old and was a victim of this case when I was about 15. He used my profile pictures from myyearbook to make the account jess adams. he told me his name was jack and he also told me that he was dying of cancer. obviously I was very naïve. he also told me that if I didn’t send him naked pictures of myself that he would kill himself. to everyone on here who said that he is in any way, shape, or form innocent, you are dead wrong. he found out my address from my friends and pretty much stalked me. fortunately, I was not a victim of any physical abuse from him, but I just wanted to let you all know that he is in fact a monster, and you have no right to assume otherwise when you have no idea what REALLY happened.


  4. Its been a long time since he went to court and i sae his face if hes a good prisoner he gets out 5 years early i hope to be lon gone


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