Tyler Hadley showed friend his murdered parents

Tyler Hadley
Tyler Hadley

Friend: Tyler Hadley confessed at party, let him see crime scene:

A friend of Tyler Hadley who says he attended the Facebook party that Hadley held after allegedly killing his parents, says that Hadley showed him the crime scene of his parents’ murdered bodies.

The friend also says that Hadley intended on taking the coward’s way out by killing himself after the party. Also, Hadley allegedly told the friend that he took Ecstasy before killing his parents. I’m not a drug user because I have these things called responsibilities but doesn’t Ecstasy supposedly make you love everybody?

Hammer Murder: Florida Teen Charged as Adult But Can’t Get Death Penalty:

In other Hadley news, the 17-year-old has been charged as an adult. As of today, he was only charged with second-degree murder. He can be charged with first-degree murder after a grand jury convenes according to Florida law.

However, due to his age, he can not be given the death penalty whether he’s been charged as an adult or not. That’s too bad because instead of a firing squad they should have a sledgehammer squad. I’m all about poetic justice.

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