370 lb. Montana sex offender sentenced

William Richard Nielsen
William Richard Nielsen

Missoula Man Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison For Rape:

Missoula man sentenced to 40 years for coercing, enticing 12-year-old girl:

I originally posted about this fat fuck of a pedophile named William Richard Nielsen here, here and here. Let me bring you up to date.

Nielsen, from Missoula, Montana, lured a 12-year-old girl from Sheridan, Wyoming over MySpace to come to Missoula. Nielsen taught her how to get on a Greyhound and make the almost 500-mile trip. After she got there Nielsen plied with drugs and alcohol while he repeatedly raped her, beat her and made her call the lard-ass ‘Daddy’. The girl’s parents were able to track her down and when they got to Nielsen’s they found the girl naked on the bed. As I said in my original post if I was the father there would have been a slight delay between me finding her and me calling the police as I would have opened a 370 lb. can of whupass.

Nielsen was a registered sex offender from a previous offense that involved a 12-year-old girl. He also had a state medical marijuana card. I wonder what fake ailment he told them to get it. I’m guessing Montana doesn’t consider being a fat fucking pedophile an ailment, but I digress.

Last we heard Pedowhale pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of coercion and enticement of a minor and was only looking at a mere 20 years for his heinous crimes. Luckily a judge went above and beyond the 20 years as the federal judge called him a pervert and sentenced him to 40 years.

“I am sure there are punishments, if this was in the 19th century, (in which) Mr. Nielsen would be looking at much more severe consequences than I am authorized to provide here,” U.S. District Court Judge Donald Molloy.

Go, Judge Molloy.

In addition to his 40 years in the federal pen Nielsen has to pay $3700+ in restitution, has been ordered not to drink or get high for the rest of his life and he can not live in a home that has children or go to places like parks where children congregate.

While I’m mad as hell that this registered sex offender was allowed to go on to be a predator again, and I’m sure not anywhere as mad as the girl’s parents, I’m glad to see that justice can still be served in this country.

4 thoughts on “370 lb. Montana sex offender sentenced”

  1. I’m the child aunt… I would like everyone on here to know what really went on…My Niece was lured from Wy. to Mt. By a pervert just as the Judge said… William Nielson had 2 days to convince my niece to to travel…My niece was supervised by her mother she had random phone checks as well as my Sister stayed home everyday to take care of her baby… It took my sister a total of four days to find my niece the police had no leads (exept for what leads my sister gave them). So to say she wasnt supervised is outragious she is the one who found her baby… Not the police MY SISTER….How many children come home from this kind of tragity??? As far as him He got his… He thought he was going to come at my sister and her aunt and her aunt smeared his face as my sister was trying to get my niece out of the house( that locked from the inside as well as the out).When my brother in law kicked the door in and did his damage to William Nielson In all the while the police were still trying to find there asses from all the holes in the ground… It is so easy to press judgment on people we dont know I understand but The only person that is to blame here is William Nielson. Oh and maybe HIS Mother…


    1. special thanks to my girlfriend amanda and little taylor w. out u two all the family, friends and many agencies and prayers none of this would b possible. MOSTLY THANK U HEAVENLY FATHER.


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