More on Florida Facebook murders

Tyler Hadley
Tyler Hadley

Cops: Fla. teen told friend he would kill parents:

As I’m sure most of you know Tyler Hadley is accused of killing both of his parents with a hammer before holding a party that he posted the invite to on Facebook.

The article I linked to has a couple of more details. It seems that Hadley allegedly told his friend that not only did he steal his parents’ cell phones so they couldn’t call for help but he also spent 3 hours cleaning up the blood before having the party.

As I said in my previous post about Hadley only a grand jury can indict for first-degree murder. This shows premeditation which I think will make the grand jury’s job easier.

Still waiting for someone from the kid criminal crowd to defend this punk.

UPDATE: It’s being reported by some outlets that Hadley killed his parents because they wouldn’t let him have the party in the first place. I don’t know how actually true that is but it wouldn’t surprise me.

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