Dunbar Village gang rapist to get new sentence

Nathan Walker
Nathan Walker

Dunbar Village Rape Defendant Will Get New Sentence:

It’s been a long time since I last posted about the Dunbar Village gang rape. In case you’re new here back in 2007 a group of kids gang-raped a woman in the Dunbar Village housing complex in West Palm Beach, Florida. Not only was she gang-raped but they forced her young son to have sex with her and then doused them both with cleaning fluids to try to destroy evidence.

Nathan Walker was 16 at the time he committed the crime. He was charged as an adult and sentenced to life in prison. However, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down this sentence stating that juveniles should only be sentenced to life in cases of murder. So Walker will now receive a new sentence.

Apparently, the Supreme Court thinks that gang rape and forced incest are not worth a life sentence. I would imagine most of my readers would think it deserves a death sentence no matter his age. The Supreme court is sending the wrong message by negating the life sentence. You won’t go to jail for life kids as long as you don’t commit murder. Everything else is fair game though.


UPDATE 8/4/2011: He got 60 years. The judge says it was the closest to life that he could be sentenced to.

5 thoughts on “Dunbar Village gang rapist to get new sentence”

      1. I remember reading about this crime when it first came out and feeling utterly horrified. And then something close to elated when at least one of them actually had justice served to them. Now I’m back to horror again.


  1. My neighbors just got beaten by a gang of kids resulting in a misscariage of the his baby… The cops… Well, did nothing… stating bc they are kids they can’t press charges, this incident pales in comparison but another example of really effed up children getting away with murder pisses me right the eff off!!!


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