Kip Kinkel sues to be insane

Kip Kinkel

Killer Kip Kinkel sues to get insanity plea:

You may remember Kip Kinkel from such hits as the 1998 school shooting at Thurston High School that killed 2 or shooting his parents to death. He’s back in the news again with another ploy to get out of his 115-year sentence.

Previously he has appealed his sentence stating that at the time of his guilty plea he ‘heard voices’. That appeal was denied. Now he’s suing the head of the Oregon State Correctional Institution to have his plea changed from guilty to guilty but insane. If this lawsuit would be successful this would allow Kinkel to serve out his sentence in a mental health facility rather than prison.

Kinkel’s attorney says that he’s not trying to evade responsibility but that he should be in a laxer mental facility rather than mean old prison. Not his exact words but that’s how I read it.

If history is any indicator this will be another failed attempt by Kinkel to avoid the full punishment he deserves. However, it only takes one sympathetic and misguided judge in order to Kinkel get his way.

37 thoughts on “Kip Kinkel sues to be insane”

  1. Im from Oregon and a few months older than Kip Kinkel. I have circumstantial evidence linking Kip Kinkel’s spree killing to him being an agent of some organization other than the trenchcoat mafia where he was in fact targeted in coercively by others to kill his parents and fellow students. I would indeed like to communicate with Kip as soon as possible. Please contact me if you want to help – Please do not deride Kip Kinkel’s actions further in light of this possiblity.


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  2. I think Bill’s been watching too much NCIS…they recently reran an ep on USA along those same lines (a school shooter is revealed to be acting under the orders of an outside source). But yeah, glad Kinkel’s original sentence was upheld.


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