Paducah gunman appeals his sanity

Michael Carneal
Michael Carneal

Ky. School Shooter Appeals Over Competency:

It seems that all the old classics are coming out of the woodwork to claim that they’re insane.

On the heels of Kip Kinkel’s latest request to be found insane, Michael Carneal is trying to accomplish something similar. Carneal was the gunman at the 1997 school shooting at Heath High School in Paducah, Kentucky, that claimed the lives of three.

The last time we heard about Carneal, he had just had an appeal to change his guilty plea denied. At that time, the judge stated that Carneal had missed his deadline, stating that Carneal’s alleged mental illness was under control by the time the appeal’s window of opportunity ran out.

Now, Carneal’s lawyer is challenging that ruling, claiming that the judge did not apply the proper judicial standard.

As I’ve said before, Carneal has always blamed his actions on others. He claimed he was bullied though he killed people in a prayer group, then he claimed that he heard voices. Much like Kinkel, this is just another attempt for Carneal to get out of his life sentence.

I guess pretty soon we should be reading about how Mitchell Johnson, the Jonesboro gunman who is doing time on federal gun and drug charges, feels he was wrongly targeted by police.

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