Bomb plot busted at Freedom High in Tampa

Jared Cano
Jared Cano

Teen charged in Freedom High bomb plot:

Just when I said that school violence plots were on the decline they seem to be picking up again this year.

In Tampa, Florida police arrested 17-year-old Jared Cano for allegedly plotting a bomb attack against Freedom High School. Cano is a former student of the school meaning he was expelled.

Police say that when they searched Cano’s home they found bomb-making materials, a journal detailing his plot and a drug growing operations. So much for weed making you mellow but I digress.

As expected Cano’s parents had no clue to the bombs, the plot or the drugs. Do they ever?

The journal supposedly said that he wanted to rack up a bigger body count than Columbine which leads me to believe that he was a mutant.

I haven’t seen anything as far as a motive yet but I’m sure it will be selfish and stupid.

More on this as details become available and as time allows.

UPDATE: It seems that Tampa police already had Cano on their radar as he had been arrested for such charges as burglary, carrying a concealed weapon, altering serial numbers on a firearm and drug possession. He’s not just some kid who went bad. These are some serious hardcore crimes for someone his age.

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