Free Jared Cano? How about no?

Jared Cano
Jared Cano

Teen accused of bomb plot gets support on Facebook pages:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, most teenagers are stupid. It’s not their fault though. Between having zero real-life experience and the fact that most parents today all think their children are some kind of protegé they never really had a chance. Having said that it does not surprise me that Facebook groups supporting Jared Cano have popped up.

Cano is the 17-year-old who has been arrested for allegedly plotting a bomb attack on Freedom High School in Tampa.

I went to some of these groups and again I was not surprised to see some of the messages of support for the would-be mass murderer. They were mostly from angst-ridden teens who have no idea how the law works. In their mind, they think that since he was caught before he could carry out the plot that he shouldn’t be arrested. I guess in their minds that people shouldn’t be arrested for attempted murder.

Another sentiment was that he was never going to go through with the plot. Also not the brightest thought. Not only was he caught with extensive and dangerous bomb-making materials but he had a long history with the Tampa police. I have no doubt that he would have at least tried to make his attack. I don’t think he would have been all that successful though.

Lastly, I saw a lot of The Myth rearing its ugly head. A bunch of people are saying on these Facebook groups are saying that Cano was bullied. I seriously doubt it and I have seen no report of that. Someone who was previously arrested for carrying a concealed firearm and altering the serial number on a firearm is probably not only a bully themselves but sounds like a career criminal.

Don’t worry kids, you’ll grow out of your stupid. I know I was stupid at that age and I grew out of it. And if you don’t grow out of it? Well, someone has to make the fries.

6 thoughts on “Free Jared Cano? How about no?”

      1. Hi yeah, Imma just say this flat out. I know Jared’s BEST fucking friend, and that boy was a wonderful kid. Yeah, he got in trouble for stupid shit, but he was intelligent, funny, talented, etc. He was amazing. But, he snapped. He wasn’t happy doing what he was doing anymore, and he snapped. Something in his head went off. He was bullied, he was treated like shit by a lot of people, so no he shouldnt be free’d, but you should judge someone on the stupid mistakes you make as a kid. 


        1. Listen up you tool. I’m going to give you and any other young mouth breather out there a tip. 

          The ‘mistakes’ like this that you make as a teen will follow you f0or the rest of your life. 

          And I was bullied in school but I got over it so you can find sympathy in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. 


  1. This is just sad if that is true then he should have kept his stuff to himself and not been a “look what i got” show off little brat good then. So he kills people or plans to how stupid to throw your life away over some jackasses anyway.


  2. A 16 year old boy shouldn’t be bringing weed to school, much less smoking it there. How did they know he had it in the first place? Because he told someone or someone saw him getting high. he bragged-and people beat his ass to steal something they wanted-no different from shoes, an ipod or a nice coat. that isn’t bullying that’s theft. is 16 how old you are or how many brain cells you have left? Trent is right-you all sound stupid. 


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