Half of STL pair sentenced for backpage child trafficking


Man gets six years from federal judge in St. Louis for prostituting teen:

I originally posted about Maurice Dontae Alexander here. He is one half of a pair that admitted to turning out a 16-year-old runaway girl on the Village Voice Media-owned backpage.com.

Back in June, he pleaded guilty to the charges against him and this week he was sentenced to a measly six years behind bars. He’ll be 31 when he gets out which will give him plenty of time to start up operations again.

Once again I have to point out that if the government and legislators took child sex trafficking seriously they would make the sentences much harsher not only for the pimps but also for the johns.

Hos cohort, Latoshia Norris, will be sentenced later this month.

2 thoughts on “Half of STL pair sentenced for backpage child trafficking”

  1. hey man what rite do u n others have to take the americans rite away who r u to tell the people what we can and can not do this is a freedom most adults do this for the money cause they cant get a real job if its such a big concern to every one whay dont they just shut down bac page  plain and simple its your fault and others for letting it happen people run theses adds tell a differnt story will ya ive heard  all b4


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