Elisa Baker pleads guilty, sentenced

Elisa Baker
Elisa Baker

Adam to Elisa Baker: “You filled her life with lies”:

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now Elisa Baker, aka Sheen-Cow, has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder charges in the death of her step-daughter, 10-year-old Zahra Baker. She also pleaded to bigamy, obstruction of justice and six other charges. With that plea, the bovine one was sentenced only to 14-18 years.

In my honest and yet amateur opinion, I believe the plea deal was struck because of the Casey Anthony outcome. Like the Anthony case, there was no definite cause of death for Zahra and I believe prosecutors struck the deal in order to prevent Baker from walking. I’m not saying I’m happy with the deal but I can see why they did it.

What I was most surprised to find out is that Adam Baker had nothing to do with his daughter’s death and dismemberment. I know I’ve been among those who swore that he had some involvement but according to police cell phone records and witness testimony prove that he had no involvement. I’m a big enough man to admit when I’m wrong and here I make my personal apology to Adam Baker. The only thing he is guilty of is making a poor choice in a romantic partner and I’m sure he’s been regretting that decision for a while. Especially since not all of Zahra has been found yet…

“No other remains were found,” Lt. Bobby Grace, with Hickory Police Department said. “We did not find her head, right arm, hands, right leg or upper left leg.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sheen-Cow was using the location of Zahra’s remains as a future bargaining chip in regards to her sentence. The grifting continues.

12 thoughts on “Elisa Baker pleads guilty, sentenced”

  1. I do understand what you mean about it probably being a plea agreement, and you are probably right that the Casey Anthony trial had something to do with it. But still it gets me that she murdered and dismembered this child and she gets 14-18 years? I can’t fathom it. I feel sick to my stomach thinking of what she did to this baby and how she most likely suffered.

    I also look at the picture you posted…and would love to knock that smirk right off her face. 


  2. I disagree with Adam Baker not being guilty of anything. His daughter was dead for 2 weeks before anyone reported her missing. Where was he during those 2 weeks? Why didn’t he check on his daughter? Even if he was away on business, etc…who doesn’t call and talk with their children? If he really didn’t know his daughter was being abused, was killed and/or missing then he is guilty of neglect for failure to provide proper supervision and proper care. I can’t stand him and to see him being interviewed talking “justice” being done makes me want to vomit!!!!


  3. That is not his ONLY bad decision….let’s not forget that that little girl was abused for YEARS and he knew about it.  I hope he rots in hell next to that cow.


  4. What a sick piece of garbage she is. And she gets this slap on the wrist of a sentence. WTF. She should not be allowed to continue having Zahara’s last name. No one will be safe when she gets out. May Zahara haunt her forever.


  5. are you fucking kidding me??  that’s the biggest joke of a sentence i’ve  ever seen.  on the plus side, if she gets sent to Raleigh, rumor has it (i do NOT know this for a fact, but it comes from a semi-reliable source) that she’s going to have quite the welcoming committee.

    so daddy dearest had nothing to do with her death?  he’s still FAR from innocent.  do they really expect us to believe he didn’t know that rotten whore was abusing his child?  my shiny metal ass.

    and yeah, i’d like to knock that smirk off her face too.  with a baseball bat.  repeatedly.


  6. This evil witch has the look I expected Baba Yaga to have when I was a kid- she actually looks as if she opened her mouth you would see rows upon rows of iron teeth. How horrible for this poor little girl to have been murdered by this nightmare incarnate. There’s a special little place in Hell this bitch has carved out all for herself.


  7. Just from that pic you can tell that bitch is pure evil.  Screw keeping her in prison for 14-18 years and letting her drain society’s money hand her over so real justice could be served.


  8. Just from that pic you can tell that bitch is pure evil.  Screw keeping her in prison for 14-18 years and letting her drain society’s money hand her over so real justice could be served.


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