Brian Draper’s conviction upheld

Brain Draper
Brain Draper

Idaho Supreme Court upholds murder conviction of Pocatello teen in killing of classmate:

The last I posted about Brian Draper he was appealing to have a new trial in the murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart. In 2006 Draper and his cohort, Torey Adamcik stabbed their classmate to death in her Pocatello, Idaho home and then bragged about it on videotape afterward. Draper and Adamcik were both 16 at the time of Cassie Jo’s murder. They were both charged as adults and both given life without parole. They’ve both become poster children for what I like to call the kid criminal crowd. They are people who believe that a juvenile should never be charged as an adult.

Draper is also an admitted mutant. That’s the term I use for people who either worship or empathize with the Columbine killers which is how this case came to my attention.

Anyway, the Idaho Supreme Court thankfully upheld not only Draper’s conviction but his sentence as well. They did throw out his conspiracy conviction due to faulty instructions given the jury but as long as he’s still behind bars for life I can live with that.

Draper’s attorney used the ‘immaturity and poor judgment’ argument to try to get her client a new trial but it didn’t fly. As I’ve said many times before if by the age of 16 you don’t know that murder is wrong then you have no business being in society in the first place.

Adamcik is also appealing his conviction but so far has met with the same failure and hopefully, he will again.

5 thoughts on “Brian Draper’s conviction upheld”

  1. You are right about those 2 morons . I just watched the episode on MSNBC and I just hope they really got what they deserved in prison. Those big black dudes are surely enjoying them and hopefully hurt them in the bathroom especially when they go to pick up soap.


  2. I am dumb founded.. perhaps its a sign of immaturity or maybe its just plan psycosis.. how can either of these kids even have the gull to as for a reduction in their sentences, one lawyer said that a life sentence is to unconstituilnal for her client.. oh well maybe we should as cassie what she thinks.. oh right we can not do that as she is DEAD, and the poor excuses for human beings feel that they deserve freedom, what life will cassie have? its sick and disturbing that these teenagers thought it would be fun to kill someone, not only brag but to say they wanted to kill more people, evidently they were missing from class they day they covered ” what not to do” when your planning to commit murder.. seriously video taping it and then trying to get out of the punishment.. I am sick.. if either of these boys valued their lives they would not have killed. but they did and now they can rot in jail, maybe 50 years down the road when they have literally been in prison longer than they were alive, it might become happens far to often that judges are devided on the crimes of teenagers, if they do the crime they certainly should do the time, however I do have one question why on gods green land they did not face the death penalty?
    seriously distrubed boys


      1. While I think Draper is a dirtbag, I agree with the Supreme Court decision on this. If we don’t allow those under 18 to join the military, enter into a contract, purchase alcohol/tobacco/firearms, drop out of school, open a bank account, vote, etc then I do think it would be Un-Constitutional to ignore these societal special considerations when sentencing.


  3. These losers make me sick! I cannot believe they killed their friend for their own satisfaction. The horrible part about this is, Tory’s parents think he is innocent. They either have someone lurk on youtube videos claiming his innocence and make comments to deflect the blame on to Brian only. Just sick!


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