Tyler Hadley charged with first degree murder

Tyler Hadley
Tyler Hadley

Charge Upgraded For Teen Accused Of Killing Parents With Hammer:

Tyler Hadley is the 17-year-old punk kid from Florida who is accused of killing his parents with a hammer then holding a Facebook party.

The last I posted about his charges I posted that he was not only charged as an adult but that he was charged with second-degree murder. At that time I also posted that he could be charged with first-degree murder after a grand jury convenes. That time has come as Hadley was indicted on first-degree murder charges by a Florida grand jury.

I would imagine that with this new indictment Hadley is looking at life without parole.

I haven’t received any comments yet about how some people think that he should be tried as a juvenile. Either I’m not out there enough of the kid criminal crowd is finally coming to their senses.

One thought on “Tyler Hadley charged with first degree murder”

  1. Clearly this young man knew enough about what was right and wrong to think about what he was doing before he did it… he deserves to spend his life in a place where they can control his impulses.


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