Elisa Baker says she’s innocent

I'm innocent I tells ya. Mooooo.
I’m innocent I tells ya. Mooooo.

Elisa Baker insists she didn’t do it:

How’s this for gall? Elisa Baker, aka the Sheen-Cow, who pleaded guilty in the murder of her step-daughter Zahra Baker, is now saying from jail that she didn’t do it. She’s basically saying that she pleaded guilty because she felt that the prosecutors had enough evidence to convict her. Then why the hell didn’t she make a no-contest plea instead?

Some more lies from Bakers are that she claims that Zahra was ‘the light of her eyes’. She claims that Zahra died from a stomach virus and that Adam Baker was the one who dismembered his own daughter’s body. That’s a load of crap. If Zahra died of natural causes they could have just called 911 and an autopsy would have cleared them of any wrongdoing. But what do you expect from a pathological liar and cheat?

She also allegedly said that the “man makes the decisions and you don’t argue.” Does anyone believe anything that vomits forth from her gaping maw? The hell she was some timid kept woman following the iron clad directions of her man.

In my opinion, Elisa Baker is a liar, a grifter, and a master manipulator and now she’s trying to manipulate the media into making her a sympathetic victim. The problem is that no one is buying it.

2 thoughts on “Elisa Baker says she’s innocent”

  1. Unfortunately, she might be safe in prison because no one will want to touch her greasy, reptilian hide and nasty Halloween witch hair.  The guys who married her must have been either stone blind, blind drunk, or stark raving mad.


  2. No Trench. I for one do not believe on word she vomits forth from her gaping maw. Nor will anyone else with half a brain. Nice writing.


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