Ohio runaway killed in Charlotte by Facebook ‘friend’

Aerial Patterson
Aerial Patterson

Warren Teen Runaway Murdered in North Carolina:

Mother says her daughter was set up during fatal robbery:

17-year-old Aerial Patterson of Warren, Ohio was a habitual runaway. Her family did everything they could by all accounts to stop her from running away. Unfortunately, Aerial was murdered in Charlotte, NC two weekends ago.

Allegedly Aerial was lured to Charlotte by 23-year-old Eddie Doh through Facebook. While in Charlotte police believe that Aerial was killed by Doh and Nicholas Wright in a robbery. Aerial’s mother believes that she was killed by Doh and Wright in order to cover up another crime committed by the pair.

This story defies all my usual warnings about social networks since the family did all they could to keep Aerial safe so this time I guess I have to address the teens who may be thinking about running away.

If someone you know on Facebook is trying to get you to run away the chances are great that they wish to do you harm in some way whether it be sexually or physically. There are resources and organizations out there designed to help with someone in your situation. Seek them out first before doing anything rash. You may think what happened to Aerial won’t happen to you but odds are that it will.

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