Guy from Big Flats in trouble again

Vincent Izzo
Vincent Izzo

Big Flats man accused again of luring teen:

I originally posted about Vincent Izzo from Big Flats, New York here. Last year he was arrested for luring three underage girls for sex (child rape) through MySpace and Facebook. Well just like any other sex offender it seems that Izzo was up to his old tricks again.

First off Izzo pleaded guilty to the initial charges against him and instead of getting jail time he got probation. When will the system learn that a sex offender can not be rehabilitated or trusted?

Now Izzo is in trouble again this time for making friends with a 17-year-old girl on Facebook and sending her somewhere in the vicinity of 100 sexually explicit text messages. Also like a lot of sex offenders he used an alias, Vincent Cevellione.

Predators like Izzo only know one thing and that’s feeding their twisted desires.

Hopefully this time he’ll get some real jail time and not some enabling ‘probation’.

Thanks to Kathy for the tip.

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