Michael Jacques killed dog in order to intimidate girl

Michael Jacques
Michael Jacques

Prosecutors: Murder suspect Jacques killed dog to intimidate girl into helping with Brooke Bennett plot:

In case there was any doubt this should show just how much of an actual monster Michael Jacques is. For those of you not familiar with the case Jacques of Vermont is accused of kidnapping, raping and killing his 12-year-old niece, Brooke Bennett. Jacques allegedly altered her MySpace page in order to make it look like she ran away.

Federal prosecutors say that Jacques killed the dog of another 12-year-old girl and hung it in her basement to serve as a warning. Jacques allegedly used the girl as a pawn in his plan to get Brooke to his house. Jacques is said to have made up an international child sex ring called ‘Breckenridge’ in order to intimidate the girl into delivering Brooke into his clutches.

As always when posting about Jacques he is a registered sex offender who was released early from prison after completing a ‘program’ for sex offenders. Obviously, it didn’t work.

Jacques is facing the death penalty under federal guidelines. He has an anti-death penalty team of lawyers who keep trying to claim it’s unconstitutional. I can barely think of anybody more deserving of execution that Jacques. It’s just a shame they don’t use the electric chair or the gallows anymore.

6 thoughts on “Michael Jacques killed dog in order to intimidate girl”

  1. Seriously, how do his lawyers sleep at night? Could they honestly believe he shouldn’t die? Is there anyone who could really believe that?


    1. Nancy, unfortunately there are people who do believe that.  I am not one of them.  To me, this story is one of the more distrubing ones on this site.  Even if he does get the death penalty, he will probably sit on death row longer than poor Brooke lived.  


      1. I am a big supporter of the death penalty. I feel we should bring back the guillotine, but that makes me the barbarian, I guess.


  2. I would love to know what this “program” for sex offenders entails. “Don’t rape people, they don’t like that”? Or maybe they write “I will not rape people” 100 times on a black board? I hate Michael Jacques so much.


  3. Sex offenders can not be cured and unfortunately for the public they are released from prison to assault &amp kill children. These monsters need to be put away for life without parole or be executed. Our police &amp judges need to know that sex offenders will not change and need to be put away for live.


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