Peter Jackson’s WM3 doc produced by Echols

Damien Echols (Check it out, now I'm Bono)
Damien Echols (Check it out, now I’m Bono)

Peter Jackson announces new West Memphis Three doco:

Speaking of West Memphis 3 documentaries famed filmmaker Peter Jackson has announced the completion of his documentary on the West Memphis 3 called “West of Memphis”. Don’t expect the film to be any less biased than the previous ones because the film was produced by West Memphis 3 ringleader himself, Damien Echols.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone as Peter Jackson is a devoted Echols fanboy and lackey. Not only did Jackson pour gobs of money into the West Memphis 3 defense fund but Jackson and Echols also got matching tattoos when Jackson flew Echols to New Zealand.

Let’s hear from the head convicted child killer himself…

“It is our hope that this film will help educate people about how badly the justice system can fail us all,” says Damien Echols

I’ll agree with him on one point. The justice system has failed since it allowed Echols to escape his death sentence.

This film will be nothing more than another propaganda piece for Echols. What Echols wanted more than anything was a group of followers and thanks to the movies he has more than he had ever wished. Besides being a child killer he’s also become a cult-like leader.

7 thoughts on “Peter Jackson’s WM3 doc produced by Echols”

        1. He pleaded guilty. Why would you do that if you staunchly believed you were innocent?
          You also said (in another thread) he needs to be left alone. He puts himself out there with this documentary and those ridiculous tweets of his.


        2. Are you so ignorant that you do not get what the Alford Plea is ? I thought so. Let me guess girly of a certain age thinks Damien is heavenly and therefore could never murder. Well he sure did brag about it , relish in the infamy of his trial and plead guilty . Strange actions for somebody who is innocent . And Smartie your name is a total misnomer . Echols is not innocent . He never will be because HE PLEAD GUILTY.


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