173 cops were killed in the line of duty last year and you don’t care


Report: 173 law enforcement officers killed on duty in 2011:

In the last days of 2011, a statistic was released that said 173 local and federal police officers were killed in the line of duty as of 12/28/2011. That’s 173 men and women with friends, families, and colleagues. That’s 173 people who were murdered while doing the thankless job of protecting our safety and well-being. And as the kids say, not a single fuck was given that day. But you pepper spray one spoiled white kid, and it prompts a national week of outrage.

The police in our country are basically another branch of the military. They fight for domestically what those in our armed services fight for abroad. That being the protection and well-being of the citizens of the United States, no matter what your conspiracy-laden mind might have you believe. So why is no one protesting in the name of the violent deaths of these police officers?

It’s because most of you don’t give a shit. Most of you see police as some kind of nuisance. A lot of you think freedom means that you should be able to drive 120 mph through a school zone while drunk or that you should be able to share a bowl with your 7-year-old and that the cops are just there to harsh your buzz. But when someone breaks into your house, steals your cell phone or Burger King won’t serve you a Big Mac, they’re the first people you call.

Much like the prevailing selfish attitude in America, you only care about the police when they can do something for you and if 173 people die because of it, so be it.

17 thoughts on “173 cops were killed in the line of duty last year and you don’t care”

  1. It’s kind of like if you’re not a cop, or a part of a cop family, yeah, a butt load don’t care…

    I am a part of a COP family, my wifes family, my side of the party, my son, his wife and my son in law are cops, brother in law retired, his wife retired, my brother retired, I care… A lot…


  2. I’m responding to you here, because someone banned me from your other site. I’m sorry to bring an argument to such a serious topic, but I don’t have any choice, really: all your stuff is like this. 

    To start off, how exactly am I an “enabler”? I’ll speak your language: man up and try to confront any single point I make, instead of dodging around, name-calling, and making up bogus allegations. Unban me from your site so I can actually respond to you there–unless you really like hiding inside your web-fortress, safe from all criticism (except for when you choose to make fun of it from the safety of your blog!).

    YOU are the enabler. You enable by only contributing to the hate and destruction caused by the people you post about on your Bad Breeders site. You sensationalize the victims pain and suffering, and get off on disparaging the perpetrators. That’s simply disgusting, and it boggles my mind how you can honestly think of yourself as one of the good guys. That’s really not how you should be running a site like that.

    Note, I NEVER said these people should be free of blame. They deserve whatever they have coming. What I despise is your smug, despicable ridicule and judgment–NOT of their awful child-abusing actions, but of everything else. You’re no better than them. And what’s worse, you squander your privilege of being a “good guy” by contributing to the cesspool of hatred and destruction. Fuck, it’s like Orwell’s Two Minutes Hate. “Slut! Hillbilly! Breeding-organism! Subhuman! Ahh, that felt good. Now I can pretend to be a normal healthy human being for the rest of the day.”

    I wonder if you’ll be smugly broadcasting this message for all of your fans to see and pat you on the back?  Sincerely, that ain’t healthy. I won’t be responding to anything but an honest attempt at discussion. Pull anything else, and I won’t bother. So, now you know how to avoid confronting me. (Just an aside–you from Philly?  me too.) 


      1. *Perp Fan uses “women” as an insult, mistakenly thinks anyone would ever care what he has to say about anything ever*


          1. If he wanted to call me a bitch in an “non-gender specific” (specific to the status of non-gender lol) way, why did he specify WOMEN? Imbecile. 

            Sorry, I forgot to filter out this site from my feed alongside bad breeders I didn’t want to have to read anything you useless barnyard jackasses post at me.  Allow me the honor.


        1. LOL…  Okay, lets make the the crying of (unknown sex) babies. Yeah, that’s exactly it.

          Hmm… and exactly who do you think cares about the five (5) whining/crybaby paragraphs you wrote?  Wait, don’t answer… cos it’s nobody here.  However, do not despair little one, the waaambulance is on it’s way to pick you up.   AMF


    1. Damn I missed this one. I would have asked him why he thought disparaging criminals was wrong. I guess being disgusted by Nazism is also wrong, or hating people who molest children.

      In a decent, moral society aren’t criminals supposed to be disparaged?


  3. “The police in our country are basically another branch of the military.”

    I am not anti-law enforcement, and I appreciate your article (many of my neighbors are cops, I myself come from a military family), but I have to take issue here with this here. The police forces of this country were never meant to be the military, or to operate in the military-esque manner. The government should NEVER go to “war” with it’s citizens. We have a law, the Posse Comitatus Act, that explicitly forbids this, the use of military tactics and forces to engage in law enforcement procedure.

    As a matter of fact, the militarization of the police combined with the departure from this ethic contributes to the anti-police sentiment in this country, a.k.a. “Fuck da police!!!” (I refuse to use such vulgar and violent language as I have a serious point to make here). When police are raiding homes and killing citizens over minor drug possession and expressing contempt/hatred for armed citizens, it stains the institution of law enforcement as a whole. http://www.cato.org/raidmap/- For further reference of what I am talking about.

    Furthermore, the police’s primary responsibility is not the personal safety of individual citizens. The Supreme Court has ruled, 10 different times, that police officers are not liable for failures to protect citizens who called upon them for emergency help, whether it be because of negligence or legitimate logistical difficulty. The primary purpose of law enforcement in our society is to gather evidence and detain suspected criminals. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/28/politics/28scotus.html – For further evidence of this point as well.

    This isn’t to say I hate police officers or that I am an anarchist. I’m actually a pretty standard law-abiding citizen, police (even as evidence gatherers and criminal detainers) serve a thankless role in our society, and for that I salute them and offer them praise. But as a constitutionalist libertarian and a big believer in the rule of law, the above things give me pause. Rather than condemn the many good law enforcement officers out there, I will give them a salute. But I want to see reforms in this system to prevent the travesties I mentioned and restore public faith in the institution of law enforcement.


  4. Assuming your description of the police is true (thankfully it’s not) then not enough of them are getting shot. Actually as long as the police don’t denounce assholes like you within their ranks they can expect to be shot. 

    What? You think people are going to put up with your bullshit forever? Think again.      


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