You too could own Cho’s calculator


Va. Tech killer Cho’s calculator for sale, renewing debate on ‘murderabilia’:

So some scumbag who owns a scumbag website has gotten a hold of a Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus calculator that was once owned by Virginia Tech gunman and ultimate coward, Cho Seung Hui. It can be yours for a mere $3,700. Cho sold the calculator on eBay in order to buy guns and ammo for his cowardly bloodbath.

In my opinion, murderabilia should be spoken in the same terms as child porn. Outside of a museum or an educational setting, these murder junkie trophies have no intrinsic value.

You can tell me about how the people who buy this stuff work at soup kitchens and love puppies, but you’d be full of crap. We all know the type of cretin that buys this stuff. The loser who thinks he’s some kind of pseudo-badass whose best days are years behind him. Kind of like this guy I used to go to high school with who would talk way too much about Charles Manson. These people are nothing more than murder groupies who will use their death trinkets to try to impress the teenagers that hang out with them.

3 thoughts on “You too could own Cho’s calculator”

  1. I can understand being fascinated by serial killers and mass murderers.  It’s a bile fascination the crimes are so horrific you can’t help but be drawn to them.

    On the other hand, the kinds of people who collect “murderabilia” are kind of like the people who spend thousands or even millions on some celebrity’s hair, only quite a bit creepier.  I’ll read all the articles I like on Harris and Klebold, but fuck buying their dirty socks.

    And fuck buying Cho’s calculator.  He was a crazy motherfucker and just about everyone who could step in before the massacre happened dropped the ball. 


      1. Indeed.  Harris’ violent and anti-social tendencies were documented before the shooting at Columbine.  Cho wrote all sorts of crazy, violent shit.  I’m not 100% sure what Klebold’s problem was, but somebody had to have noticed and not done a damn thing.  


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