Jaymie Adams’ husband says they were craigslist swingers

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OKC Police: Lie Detector Test Shows Husband Of Missing Woman ‘Deceptive’:

In a recently released search warrant, police say that Jaymie Adams’ husband, Justin Adams, was found to be deceptive on a polygraph test, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

As you may know, the pregnant mother of four went missing in Oklahoma City in December. Her husband recently came out through his attorney and said that his wife was a craigslist prostitute and went to meet a client. The search warrant elaborates on that a little.

According to the search warrant, Adams contacted police on December 11 and told officers he had not been completely honest. He informed them his wife had actually gone to a motel in Norman to meet a client she’d met on the website Craig’s List. Justin told police his wife advertised her services as a massage therapist, but he said she also engaged in prostitution and had sex with clients across the metro.

Justin told police his wife texted him just before midnight on December 9 to say she was meeting a different client at the McDonald’s in Midwest City. He said he later received a text from Jaymie that the client did not show up.

What I really want to talk about is that in the warrant, it states that Justin Adams said that he and his wife were craigslist swingers who would meet other couples on craigslist for sex. To me, this is important for two reasons. The first is a lot of times when couples claim to be swingers on craigslist, what is really going on is that the husband is prostituting his wife. The second is, if they really were swingers, that could add a lot of names to a list of possible suspects. Group sex can be a tricky thing, with one party becoming obsessed with a member of the second party, and jealousy can lead to some very ugly acts.

Now back to the polygraph. According to the warrant, police say that Justin Adams was being deceptive when asked if he knew of his wife’s whereabouts. That could just mean that Adams was trying to cover for his wife’s prostitution.

I’m not saying that Justin Adams had something to do with his wife’s disappearance or didn’t yet. However, what I am saying is that her disappearance shows that the underbelly of craigslist is still a dangerous place and obviously prostitution and trafficking are still occurring.

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