Facebook rapist raped again while out on bail

Mathew Jacobs
Mathew Jacobs

Hollister Facebook Rapist Pleads No Contest:

Recently, 21-year-old Mathew Jacobs of Hollister, California pleaded no-contest to various rape charges against him. It seems he was quite the internet predator. Jacobs used both Facebook and MyYearbook to find his victims.

He was arrested in July of last year for rape, then while he was out on bail he raped another victim. Both victims were met through social networking sites.

If that’s not outrageous enough for you, he’s only looking at 11 years behind bars.

First of all, in my opinion, rapists should not be allowed to roam free after being arrested. Rape is probably the worst crime you can commit against a woman. Secondly, while I understand entering into pleas to spare the victims from having to relive their nightmare at trial, 11 years is a joke of a sentence for the rape of two victims. If he has two victims, there could be more who were afraid to come forward.

Now when this jackhole is released at the age of 32 do you really think he’ll be rehabilitated? More than likely, he’ll be looking for victims as soon as he’s released. And since this is California, he probably won’t even serve half of his sentence.

How is this justice for the victims of rape?

11 thoughts on “Facebook rapist raped again while out on bail”

  1. Even an allegation as serious as this the perpetrator is arrested &amp in many cases released until such time they are charged or not as the case may be.
    Innocent until proven guilty in these he said – she said cases.  The rapist is not going to admit his crime &amp if it is not an outright dragged you off the street or a rape of that nature, I believe acquaintance rape/know the person they have to look at the evidence &amp if there is background to the case it takes longer or at least this is what I have been lead to believe.   


    1. He definitely did it. I know this guy. Used to date him. Was on the phone with him the day before and he mentioned that he was gonna have his way with some “fresh young pussy ” real soon. Disgusting


  2. People are so quick to judge i know him i have for a long time he is a nice person and would never hurt any one if you guys know the truth like i do you would say that and for you to want him to die he has a kid thats messed up


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