Jonathan Zarate sentenced for assaulting guard

Jonathan Zarate
Jonathan Zarate

Randolph man serving life sentence gets additional time for assaulting prison guard:

Jonathan Zarate is serving life plus 24 years for the brutal murder and dismemberment of his neighbor, 16-year-old Jennifer Parks. Jennifer was murdered in 2005.

While Zarate was awaiting trial, he assaulted a guard at the Morris County Jail in New Jersey. Back in July, he pleaded guilty to that charge.

This past week, he was sentenced to an additional five years for assaulting the guard.

So, I’m sure some people are asking what’s the point if he’s already serving life. Well, besides the fact that he’s a vile scumbag that should be executed in New Jersey, a life sentence doesn’t necessarily equate to the life of the inmate. In NJ, a life sentence is actually 75 years, and you are eligible for parole in 63. The more years added to his sentence will make it that much more unlikely Zarate could be paroled someday.

There will never be enough justice for Jennifer Parks.

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