Houston man accused of MySpace child rape

Christopher Gerard Glover
Christopher Gerard Glover

Houston man accused of sex with preteen he met on MySpace:

43-year-old Christopher Gerard Glover of Houston, Texas is charged with meeting a 12-year-old on MySpace then having sex with the boy. Before you get ahead of me, let’s address the term ‘had sex’. 12-year-old boys in no way can ever legally consent to sex, whether it be with a male or female adult. Let’s call this what it is, child rape.

Glover is said to have had a 3-year’ relationship’ (series of rapes) with the boy from 2008 to 2011. In that time the victim states that at first, they would have sex five times a month then it tapered off to two times a month. So, it sounds like that Glover had a rape schedule, allegedly.

Glover’s supposed defense is worthy of Michael Jackson…

In a voluntary interview with police, Glover at first said he engaged in sexual intercourse with the boy but later changed his story to say the two merely lay down on the bed naked together.

Oh well, that makes it ok, then.

What I want to know is Glover’s relationship to the victim. Is he in some position of authority over the victim? I mean, how else can a 12-year-old boy go to a grown man’s house and have this happen repeatedly without the parents noticing?

By the way, in case you needed reminding, yet again, 12-year-olds don’t need to be on any social site.

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