Man claims he contacted Jaymie Adams through craigslist

Jaymie Adams
Jaymie Adams

Man questioned in Jaymie Adams homicide investigation:

Another search warrant recently made public states that Oklahoma City investigators questioned a man who claims to have contacted Jaymie Adams through craigslist in regard to her alleged prostitution. Police say the man contacted Jaymie through both email and cellphone on December 9th but never made face-to-face contact with her.

Now some people may think I’m trying to disrespect the name and memory of Jaymie Adams, but that is not true. I want nothing more to see her killer brought to justice if she was murdered. My point of making this post is to show that there appears to be credence of her husband’s claim that she was a craigslist prostitute, which means that her killer could be anybody.

When Megan Waterman disappeared, I assumed, like many people did, that her boyfriend/pimp had something to do with it. It later turned out that she was a victim of the yet to be caught Long Island serial killer.

Not to mention that this shows that prostitution and trafficking are still happening on craigslist and that they need to better moderate their site to help prevent crimes like this from happening in the future.

One thought on “Man claims he contacted Jaymie Adams through craigslist”

  1. I was wrong!  I didn’t believe one word her husband or his attorney said.  But, apparently she did have an ad on Craigslist.  Hopefully, the killer is brought to justice soon.


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