Is there a new suspect in the murder of Carina Saunders?

Carina Saunders
Carina Saunders

Saunders’ Suspect ID’s Possible Murder Orchestrator:

19-year-old Carina Saunders of Bethany, Oklahoma was brutally tortured, murdered and dismembered just so her killers could intimidate someone. She was chosen at random, and her dismembered body was found in a duffle bag behind a grocery store.

Previously, I had posted about how 33-year-old Jimmy Lee Massey was charged in Carina’s murder. Now, search warrants that have been made public state that Massey may have implicated another alleged killer and the mastermind, Alejandro Rojas.

Rojas and Massey allegedly tortured and murdered Carina in order to intimidate another woman into working for their drug and human trafficking ring.

Police are searching for Rojas’ cell phone, which they believe contains information regarding Carina’s murder. They didn’t have to look too hard for Rojas, though, as he is already in jail on drug charges, just like Massey.

This does not sound like a crime that would be committed by a local weed dealer or pimp. This sounds like the type of murder that would be made by a major crime cartel, especially since drug trafficking and human trafficking are involved.

Again, for those of you who think drugs and prostitution are victimless crimes, I dare you to tell that to Carina Saunders’ family.

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