West Memphis 3 lawyers throw spaghetti against the wall to see if they can get it to stick to Terry Hobbs

Damien Echols (If it's in a movie it has to be true. Right guys?)
Damien Echols (If it’s in a movie, it has to be true. Right guys?)

New sworn statements implicate Terry Hobbs in West Memphis Three case:

The legal team for the West Memphis 3 are up to their old tricks again. Once again, they’re using what I like to call spaghetti tactics in order to get their clients exonerated. What I mean by that is that they’re throwing every cockamamie theory against the wall to see if they can get one of them to stick. This time their target is Terry Hobbs once again.

The legal team says that they have sworn statements from three people, who passed polygraphs no less, that Terry Hobbs admitted to killing Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers. Well, not directly from Terry Hobbs. The statements are from three guys who said Terry Hobbs’ nephew, Michael Hobbs Jr., told them that Terry Hobbs admitted to killing the boys. Isn’t that same type of hearsay the WM3 supporters claim when people say that Echols told other people that he killed the children?

I’m sure the defenders will ask me, why would these three guys lie? There could be any number of reasons, the first being personal gain. I mean, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to go from a dirt poor hick town to riding the West Memphis 3 gravy train. Another reason could be retribution. Even an attorney for the West Memphis 3 admits that Michael Hobbs Jr. has given information to the police about 2 of the 3 men in question. Let’s also not forget that polygraphs aren’t as reliable as TV and movies would have you believe. That’s why for decades they’ve not been admissible in court.

Plus I find it less than coincidental that the statements of these three men appear in Peter Jackson’s ‘documentary’ West of Memphis which was highlighted at the Sundance Film Festival recently. You know the film I’m talking about. It’s the one that Jackson directed, that was produced by Damian Echols.

It would be different if the WM3 supporters could have focused on one suspect rather than several different ones. Like I said before, first, it was the mysterious black guy at the Bojangles. Then it was Mark Byers, who was basically the bogeyman of Paradise lost 1 and 2. And now, with their supposed DNA ‘evidence,’ they think it’s Terry Hobbs. In a few years, they’ll probably say it was either Bigfoot or Jimmy Hoffa.

The defenders also ask if the West Memphis 3 are not innocent, then why was the State of Arkansas afraid to give them a new trial? That one’s easy. The state of Arkansas doesn’t have a Hollywood backed PR machine behind it. Basically, the freedom of three convicted child killers was bought and paid for by Hollywood. As I’ve shown recently, Hollywood money can get some amazing yet shady things done.

As far as exoneration goes, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens. I think the real reason Echols’ is fighting for exoneration because let’s face it, this is who it’s all about, is a money grab. If he’s exonerated, I would imagine there would be a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the State of Arkansas.

But Echols couldn’t get all this fame and fortune if it wasn’t for the brainwashed masses who believe every lie that comes out of Echols’ trap. Way to think for yourselves.

32 thoughts on “West Memphis 3 lawyers throw spaghetti against the wall to see if they can get it to stick to Terry Hobbs”

  1. What is amazing to me is how many of the supporters are quick to ooh and ahhh these supposed passing polygraph results, when they poo poo the failed polygraph results of Damien and Jessie.  I guess they only count if the person “passed”? And then of course when you try to point out that Michael Hobbs Sr and Jr say this isnt true (as first posted in the Commercial Appeal interview) all the supporters can say is “of course they deny it” 


      1. Are Poly’s even admissible? In Colorado they are not, witch is why when the Ramsey’s took theirs it held no legal weight.


  2. Wow, the writer of this article is a moron. Does he not know that half the hearsay evidence against the boys was recanted? Explain DNA evidence against Hobbs DA! 


    1. So what you’re saying is that the other half have not recanted. 

      And again, one hair found in a shoe lace that could have been picked up in Hobbs house since the victims played there doesn’t implicate Hobbs even though you’d like to think so. 


      1. So what evidence is there that the three convicted of this crime committed it?  You’re an idiot.  Polygraphs, hearsay, devil worship….yeah let’s get to the lynching.  Oh wait, they did it for the money.  I forgot.  They spent over 18 years of their lives behind bars to get some money out of the State of Arkansas.  They don’t have to prove that anyone in particular committed this crime they just have to prove they did not-and they have proven that.  Are you ignorant enough to actually believe that the State of Arkansas would let three men out of prison that brutally murdered three defenseless 8 year olds?  I am glad they are out.  They are innocent.  One person in prison for a crime they didn’t commit is worse than one guilty person going free.  That is not justice. 


        1. They don’t have to prove that anyone in particular committed this crime they just have to prove they did not-and they have proven that.  

          Not even close Junior. Even though they may be out they’re still considered convicted killers. 


          1. Ok it’s not fair to answer a question with a question. By evidence do you mean besides Miskelly’s multiple confessions, Echols history of violence and psychosis, and multiple reports of Echols bragging about the crime?


  3. Great article! Pretty soon they are going to run out of “suspects” – I guess they can always go back to pointing the finger at Byers if the Hobbs thing doesn’t pan out.


  4. I received this e-mail from someone named Lorrie. It’s not long enough for an entire post so I thought I’d post it here.

    You are an idiot, and must be Terry Hobb’s relative or lover.

    That’s the type of mentality we’re dealing with here.


  5. and really, with all the media, publicists, assistants and such hanging around, why hasn’t anyone told Damien those blue shades make him look like a fucking tool?


  6. Up until about a month ago I was a WM3 supporter…and the only real reason for that is because of Paradise Lost and the bullshit I’ve been fed from other supporters. I thought when the murders happened that they were guilty, that was my first gut feeling and thought when I heard the case…I was also only 15 or so and didn’t understand the whole thing either so combined with that and all the bullshit about how they were cornholed, I figured they were innocent.  A friend of mine sent me some links (this site came up) and as I read I couldn’t believe anyone would think that these guys were innocent. I couldn’t believe I thought they were innocent…I think the asswipe Celebrity-Terrorists came to the rescue with deep pockets. ( I was never swayed to think they were innocent because of Johnny Depp, lol ) Damien Echols is sociopath. Anyone who thinks that he wasn’t capable of being the ringleader and killing those boys is kidding themselves…I think he’s such a psycho that I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear about that moron wife of his getting choked out in the future.   


    1. Shannie,
      I couldnt have said it better myself.&lt&lt&lt&lt&lt&lt&ltex supporter here too. Till I looked up the case and look over everything. New shoe laces for Jason and knife in the backyard. Lets see exhibit 500 for Echols, lie after lie on the stand. Bragged to a friend that he did it . Then wants to take it back and says he was just drunk. You have to look over exhibit 500 3 months before the crime . Listen to Jessie’s last confession and his lawyer begging him not to make the confession.Johnny Depp can say what ever he wants. I know A LOT of people that choose not to watch anything that Depp makes or Peter Jackson


  7. Seria genial que usted, señor Reynolds elabore un compilado de las pruebas que demuestran que los tres de west memphis son culpables. porque la verdad, escribiendo estas breves notas en su blog y añadiendo comentarios no me queda muy claro porque esta usted convencido de la culpabilidad de estos chicos pero no veo sus justificaciones redactadas ordenadamente en su blog.

    Lamento mucho si no puede entenderme. Tal vez sea mejor asi.


    1. Google Translate was spot on for this. This is what Senor or Senorita Adriana had to say…

      It would be great if you, Mr. Reynolds prepare a compilation of evidence that the westmemphis three are guilty. because the truth, writing these short notes on his blog and adding comments are not very clear to me why you are convinced of the guilt of these guys but I see their justifications neatly written in his blog.

      Sorry if you can not understand. Maybe it’s better that way.

      As I mentioned in another comment how about Miskellys multiple confessions even after he was convicted, Damien Echols’ history of violence, his history of animal abuse. Shall I go on?


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