Zinah Jennings: Similarities and shocking news

Zinah Jennings (Ok, maybe you should start calling me Casey)
Zinah Jennings (Ok, maybe you should start calling me Casey)

No sign of missing toddler after vanishing 60 days ago:

Again, with the disappearance of Amir Jennings, tell me if this doesn’t sound familiar.

According to police, Zinah Jennings is said to have taken them to an apartment complex where she claimed she dropped off her 18-month-old son. However, once they got there, she couldn’t tell them which apartment it was or the apartment number. She also told police that she dropped Amir off with a man named Ernest Robinson. Turns out Mr. Robinson doesn’t even exist.

Again, does this sound remotely familiar to anyone?

But hold on to your trusses folks because this story has taken a wild turn.

It seems that a high-profile attorney from Columbia, SC, who probably wants to make a bigger name for himself, is now representing Jennings. That part is not off-script, so to speak. The part that is off-script is her attorney, Hemphill Pride (no, really), has filed motions that she be released from jail because she’s mentally ill and…wait for it….pregnant.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. The woman who at best couldn’t keep track of her first child and at worst had a hand in his disappearance is carrying another child that she can neglect. I think she just out-crazied Casey Anthony.

As far as letting her out of jail, I say sure. As soon as she can deliver Amir to police, and he’s relatively unharmed, otherwise, she gets to stay where she is.

Amir Jennings
Amir Jennings

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 888-CRIME-SC

21 thoughts on “Zinah Jennings: Similarities and shocking news”

  1. Lovely. If they let her get away with this then they BETTER have a retrial on Casey Anthonys case. She thinks she can get away with is just because Anthony did.


    1. Thanks to the lackwits, dullards, and grade A poltroons on the Anthony jury, double jeopardy applies.  She can never be tried again for the murder.

      The best we can hope is she’ll pull an O.J. and do something else stupid so the law gets another crack at her.  But I don’t want that to happen if it means another dead child.


  2. I think her attorney lost his way somewhere in the Middle Ages.  Being pregnant isn’t supposed to be a “get out of jail free” card anymore.

    And if she’s crazy, send her to a facility for the criminally insane while she awaits trial.  Surely her lawyer isn’t arguing for putting a crazy person out on the street?


  3. ffs what is wrong with our world.  What is wrong with peoples morals and sense of fairness to others.  There is so much ugliness in this world and a huge lack of responsibility for actions.  I am sick of reading this crap.  Why do people do this.  Why are lawyers so morally delinquent that they defend this crap – how does defending this crap give them a bigger name in public – whats wrong with the public that they could be impressed with him defending her.
    Aghh Rant over


  4. Pregnant? I’m sorry but this person looks like she’d take off her dress and have a dick, how can anyone want to impregnate her? Mean, I know, but true nonetheless.


  5. Who would WANT to have sex with her, not once but at least TWICE?  Really?  She might be a butterface  all I can see in that pic is her face..so who knows, toss a bag over her head and think of England?  *shudder*

    I hope they find her little boy..  


  6. Looks like she might-a been doing laundry and spilled some bleach…on her face.  My black t-shirts turn the same color blue her hair is when I spill bleach on them….

    I wonder what the world is coming to these days.  Seems like too many idiots are either leaving their kids with known abusers, or forgetting where they left them! I can honestly say, I have NEVER left any of my kids somewhere and then forgot where they were – or the sitter’s name.  She should be held in jail for criminal stupidity if they can’t find any other viable reason to keep her in a cell.


  7. How the FUCK does such an ugly fucking person give birth to such BEAUTIFUL baby?!?!? I mean all babies are cute in their own way but Amir is breathtaking, what a little angel. I hope this bitch rots in hell if she has hurt a hair on that perfect little head.

    Also, what in the hell is that on her damn head? I guess she’s not quite ugly enough, she has to make it worse with that blue horror?


  8. I’m so scared this kid is alive in a basement somewhere. He’s adorable and with all the Jaycee Dugards in our country the past few decades, you have to wonder.

    That’s the only way I can see this mom being innocent of murder or manslaughter, btw. Being too batshit to fully comprehend what’s going on and selling her kid to some pervert for drug money.


  9. What did I say of the first page about this fugly sow? That I hoped it wouldn’t turn into another Casey Anthony deal? That’ll teach me to hope!


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