Robert Thompson sentenced for craigslist child and animal sex ring

 Robert D. Thompson
Robert D. Thompson

Craigslist sex case co-defendant sentenced to 25 years in prison:

One of the worst craigslist sex crimes I’ve posted about was the sex ring out of Newberg, Oregon that not only involved animals but also children as young as 4. Previously the ringleader, Darrin Daily, was sentenced to 40 years, which of course doesn’t seem near enough. Now his cohort, Robert Thompson, has also been sentenced.

Thompson was not only convicted for his role in the ring, but also for trying to arrange a hit on one of their teenage victims. So, what did Mr. Dead Behind The Eyes get? Only 25 years.

We’re talking about children being forced to have sex with animals here. Something that depraved should at least get an automatic life sentence without parole. In a perfect world, it would result in execution. He could have been sentenced to 40 years but for some reason, the judge took leniency on him. Leniency for a guy who gets off on kids and dogs having sex.

Not only does this show what’s still wrong with craigslist, but also our justice system in general.

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