OK man charged with stabbing his pregnant wife to death

Jaymie Adams
Jaymie Adams

Husband is arrested on murder complaints in Blanchard mom Jaymie Adams’ death:

Jaymie went missing from her home in Blanchard, Oklahoma on December 10th. Her body was found in Oklahoma City around January 7th. Jaymie was a mother of four who was pregnant with her fifth child when she was killed.

Her husband, Justin Adams, claimed that she was a prostitute advertising her services on craigslist and that they were craigslist swingers. I kept an open mind about suspects because I had previously thought that a missing craigslist prostitute was murdered by her pimp/boyfriend, when it turned out, she was a victim of a serial killer.

This past Friday, Justin Adams was arrested for Jaymie’s murder. According to police, it had nothing to with craigslist and everything to do with Justin Adams being a violent and abusive coward. To put it bluntly, he was a chicken shit wife-beater, allegedly. He’s been charged with stabbing her to death while she was pregnant with his child.

Adams even pulled a Susan Smith by going on TV and beseeching the public for the return of his wife.

Now, it is true that Jaymie Adams advertised on craigslist, but it was as a massage therapist. There has been no concrete evidence that she crossed over to the ‘happy ending’ type of massage therapist. But it shouldn’t matter even if she was a prostitute. She was brutally stabbed to death while six months pregnant. Not to mention that if she was a prostitute, I wouldn’t be surprised if her husband was the one pimping her out.

I have no tolerance for wife beaters, and I have even less for baby killers, whether the baby was born or not. Oklahoma does have the death penalty, and I hope that prosecutors pursue it against this coward.

3 thoughts on “OK man charged with stabbing his pregnant wife to death”

  1. you know i had a funny feeling he was using the old “craigslist protitute” excuse..which i see happening much more often in the future


  2. I went to school with Jaymie we grew up together. I have known her for 20+ years and all I see about her in the news seems to be about her prostituting on craiglist I would just like to say that she was a great friend and always willing to help out a friend in need. I hope they give him the death penalty also she DID NOT deserve what happened to her. I grew up in Oklahoma but now I live in North Carolina, she will be missed and never forgotten.
    thanks for your post, 


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