Zarate conviction upheld

Jonathan Zarate
Jonathan Zarate

Appeal fails for Randolph man convicted of killing Jennifer Parks:

Appeals court upholds decision to convict Randolph man of killing, dismembering neighbor:

Jonathan Zarate of Randolph, New Jersey was convicted and sentenced to life plus 24 years for the 2005 murder and dismemberment of his neighbor, 16-year-old Jennifer Parks. This past week, the New Jersey court of appeals held up his conviction. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons his attorney appealed the conviction.

Unsuccessful arguments were that a change of trial venue should have been granted;

You could have held the trial in the Pine Barrens with squirrels and possums, and this scumbag still would have been convicted.

Jonathan Zarate’s confession should have been suppressed;

Why? He was read his Miranda rights six times. Not only that, but he admitted to Jennifer’s murder to just about everyone he talked to in prison.

graphic, prejudicial photographs of Parks should have been suppressed;

If he was so proud of what he did, then the jury should get to see his bloody handiwork.

and the sentence was excessive.

You got to be shitting me on this one. Since it was New Jersey, he had no shot of getting the death penalty. And after what he did to Jennifer, throwing him feet first into a rusty wood chipper would not have been excessive, and it’s what he deserves.

The three-judge panel rejected Jonathan Zarate’s arguments that pre-trial publicity tainted the jury pool

He stabbed and beat a 16-year-old girl and cut off her legs so he could stuff her in a trunk, he kept the trunk hidden for 24 hours then tried to dump her remains in the Passaic River. It’s his actions that caused any pre-trial publicity.

and that the jury pool did not have enough African Americans and Hispanic members.

This had nothing to do with race. You could have stacked the jury with transgender albino Eskimo rodeo clowns, and they still would have returned a guilty verdict.

I’m sure there will be more appeals in the future for this rat bastard, but as I’ve said many times before, Laurie Parks can’t appeal to anybody to bring Jennifer back. As long as Zarate still draws breath, there will be no true justice.

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