Justin Adams’ mommy gets a PI

Justin Adams
Justin Adams

Private Investigator Looks Into Jaymie Adams Slaying:

Justin Adams’ mommy, Tina Clarke is back in the news again. Adams is accused of the stabbing murder of his wife, Jaymie Adams, and their unborn child. Previously his mom took to the news to point fingers at everyone else but her son. Now this story is starting to descend into Nancy Grace levels of absurdity as a PI has signed on to Team Justin.

The investigator, Dana Reyna, was hired by Adams’ mother-in-law, Tina Clarke, in what became just the latest twist in the case.

“When I saw the mother on TV looking really desperate, I felt like she was sincerely desperate for some type of help,” Reyna said.
Reyna has no experience with murder investigations, but the private investigator has offered her services for free.

“From what I’ve seen so far, I feel like there’s certainly the possibility, a very big possibility, that he’s innocent,” Reyna said.

Yeah, I’m sure she’s not been motivated by free publicity on a highly publicized crimes. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against private investigators. However, when one latches on to a case like this out of the ‘goodness of their heart’ I become suspicious of their agenda. It reminds me of the bounty hunters and psychics who tried to work the Caylee Anthony disappearance.

While even I for a time believed that Jaymie’s murder could have been perpetrated by someone on craigslist it’s becoming more obvious that Justin Adams is probably the killer. He has an alleged history of violence against his wife and some reports claim that she was trying to leave him. He’s also been lying to police since day one.

Ms. Reyna may want to consult with OJ and Casey Anthony on how to find the ‘real killer’.

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