West Memphis 3 judge speaks out for the first time

David Burnett
David Burnett

WM3 Judge David Burnett breaks his silence after 18 years:

I’m sure the black nail polished masses are going to have their corsets in a twist over this and that’s just the men.

Anyway, the judge who presided over all three West Memphis 3 trials and their appeals has finally broken his silence since the convicted child killers were released.

David Burnett is now an Arkansas State Senator but he recently made statements to the press about the release of Echols and crew. He was actually quite diplomatic about it by saying that he did his job and the mean who released Echols did there’s. He even said he would have rather seen the trio get a new trial than see them released.

Judge Burnett has long drawn the ire of West Memphis 3 fans because he denied every appeal for their release. The murder groupies think because of Burnett the fix was in at their trials and their appeals. Sen. Burnett even addresses that point with this thing called logic…

“Frankly, everything I did was affirmed by the Arkansas Supreme Court.”

That’s really all anyone needs to know about Judge Burnett. All his decisions and rulings were upheld by the Supreme Court of the State of Arkansas. The State Supreme Court has no vested interest in being the lackey for a backwoods county judge. There was no master conspiracy. Echols and the other two were guilty.

The man who came after Judge Burnett and allowed the release of three child killers are cowards and flinched in the face of Hollywood.

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