Jaymie Adams’ husband took out insurance policy before she was murdered

Jaymie Adams
Jaymie Adams

Justin Adams Formally Charged With Murder:

Justin Adams is charged with murder in deaths of wife, unborn child:

The official cause of death of Jaymie Adams was recently released and it turns out that she and her unborn child were brutally stabbed to death. She also suffered blunt force trauma to the head. Not too long after that information was made public her husband, Justin Adams, was officially charged with her murder.

It was also revealed that in interviews with police that Justin Adams referred to his wife in the past tense. But the clincher is that Adams took out a $100K life insurance policy on his wife prior to her murder.

Has he not seen just about any crime show or drams on TV. While TV may get a lot of things wrong the life insurance policy is usually a dead giveaway for the motive.

I mentioned this to my lovely and talented wife tonight and she asked if Justin’s mommy has come out and claimed that it was coincidental yet. I would imagine that she will any day now.

A teacher of mine once told me something very profound. I’m probably butchering the quote but he once said that a hundred things can go wrong with a crime. If you can think of a dozen of them you’re a genius.

Justin Adams is obviously no genius.

5 thoughts on “Jaymie Adams’ husband took out insurance policy before she was murdered”

  1. Yep..you’re dead on about the insurance policy on a recent victim of foul play…It was released that in the Baby Ayla case Justin Dipietro took out a life insurance policy on her too…  Doesn’t look good.

    As far as Tina Clarke, she is either delusional or knows something about that night.


  2. Not to give crooks ideas by why don’t people give it a few years before offing someone they took insurance out on? It’s like buying a gun an shooting the clerk once he’s called in your info. The stupidity of criminals is as offensive as their crimes because it illustrates how little they think of the rest of us.


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