Orlando backpage child pimp busted

Jeremy Coburn
Jeremy Coburn

Tampa man accused of pimping teen at Orlando hotel:

The stories of pimps turning out kids on the Village Voice Media-owned backpage.com are starting to become formulaic. For example let’s take the story of 24-year-old Jeremy Coburn of Orlando, Florida.

Police there caught Coburn allegedly trafficking a 16-year-old girl. As usual, Coburn advertised the girl for sale on Backpage. Coburn is said to have a 23-year-old woman being forced to work for him as well. She lived in fear of Coburn as she claimed that Coburn had previously punched her when she ‘disobeyed’ him. The only thing missing from this story is that he probably raped both victims as pimps tend to do.

Coburn is being held on $100K bond. Again it’s amazing that Florida of all places is taking human trafficking and child prostitution seriously.

And again I hate to keep repeating myself but it’s a valid question. How can Backpage honestly say they’re doing all they can to prevent a child from being trafficked on their site when these stories keep happening with even more frequency lately? All just so they can keep publishing their self-serving rags. I’m pretty sure that the principles of journalism were not founded on the backs of women and children being sold into slavery. There was a time when real journalists fought against such things.

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