Roy High ringleader released

Joshua Kyler Hoggan
Joshua Kyler Hoggan

Teen suspect in alleged Utah bomb plot freed from custody:

2nd teen charged in Roy High bomb plot released to custody of parents:

This past week 16-year-old Joshua Kyler Hoggan was released into the custody of his parents. His lawyer successfully argued that Hoggan was not a threat to the community and is not a flight risk.

Maybe I’m missing something here but Hoggan is accused of plotting to bomb Roy High School in Utah. Part of his plan was to hijack a private plane to escape the country. Hoggan also caught a plane to Colorado on his own to interview Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis. Hoggan was also allegedly insulted when he was compared to the Columbine killers saying that he was going to more damage than them since he was so much more intelligent than them.

So someone please tell me how in the blue hell is this mutant not a danger and not a flight risk. Supposedly there are precautions in place to prevent him from running but somehow I imagine they won’t be enough.

Prosecutors are seeking to have Hoggan tried as an adult.

7 thoughts on “Roy High ringleader released”

  1. I’m pretty sick of school attack plots. If I ever had any sympathy for any of these kids, it’s gone. I just feel sorry for their victims and/or future victims. Also, you said that his argue successfully argued instead of his lawyer.


      1. Agreed. I was bullied like all hell when I was a teenager, post-columbine, and never gave a thought to violence beyond “I totally wanna kick her ass, she’s soooo mean”. It’s sending the wrong message to make such a connection between school attacks and bullying, imo, it just gives the psychos an excuse to act like this.


  2. one plan to keep him from fleeing….duct tape the fucker to a wall.  or chain him to a radiator or some other object that’s pretty much immovable.


  3. This judge must not have kids in that school.  There is no way I would send a child to that school knowing that both plotters have been released, and being unable to find out what restrictions/safeguards are in place.  Hell no.  And imagine how the other students feel?  Ridiculous.  I hope not one kid attends school tomorrow.


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