Columbine conspiracy theories, and one that involves me

This looks vaguely familiar
This looks vaguely familiar


Just in time for the 13th anniversary of Columbine TruTV in tasteless fashions released this slideshow about Columbine conspiracy theories. Of course to get more clicks for their website they take the trash TV stance that these conspiracies could be true. Let’s clear this up once and for all, there are no Columbine conspiracies. It is exactly how it appears. Two cowardly scumbags killed 13 people because they were egotistical selfish spoiled punks.

There was no 3rd shooter. Luvox didn’t cause the shootings. Police did not shoot any students. This was not retaliation against police for some kind of pedophile ring. Yeah, that’s an actual conspiracy theory believe it or not.

Conspiracy theories are for weak-minded people who will believe anything any crackpot tells them. They’re for people who simply can’t grasp the concept that sometimes horrible things happen for stupid reasons. They’re for people whose lives are so devoid of meaning that they have to fill the void with modern-day boogeymen.

As for the picture above you can see it on the 2nd page of the TruTV slideshow. That’s a screengrab of my original website back in 1997 which is fitting considering the slideshow and its misrepresentation of the facts feels like it was written in 1999.

TruTV’s slogan is “Not reality, actuality.” This really means it’s not reality it’s just some bullshit we made up so suckers will watch our crappy shows.

17 thoughts on “Columbine conspiracy theories, and one that involves me”

  1. I was waiting to see why your spellcheck accepted “bogeyman”. TruTV sucks, I used to read the crime stories there back when it was, the same time I found mycrimespace but now the whole website is crappy and last I checked not very easy to navigate.


  2. …And not to mention the network was rebranded a few years back and signed contracts with the likes of Todd Bridges and Danny Bonaduce.

    I hate to say it Trench, but your sharing the misery in bad company…


  3. I know various people have commented the same thing over the years, but you really aught to write a book one day!

    Hell, I’d buy it…

    Sure, we all would here!

    Your still the underdog of crime blogging…

    And you actually invented the whole damn thing back in ’99.

    I was still in school but even after all my uncomfortable queasy holiday get together’s,  I can still shut the laughter up when I tell them I know guy from 48 hours and Time.

    No joke.

    It’s works everything Holiday:)

    Thank you Trench and keep up the good work…

    And write that damn book already!!


  4. Who in the right mind gave you the right to sit there and “judge” what kind of people, believe conspiracy theories? Get off your high horse and stop trying to make yourself superior, you are what is wrong with society, everyone is an individual, who is entitled to an opinion, you shared yours but that gives you no means to criticize and judge those who don’t agree with you.


    1. You do realize that you’re doing the exact same thing that you’re accusing me of right? Not that I care but I do like pointing out the irony. 

      Anyway it’s people who believe in conspiracy theories that are what’s wrong with our society. They disregard common sense in favor of fantastical tales of secret organizations and hidden agendas that are logistically impossible. In my estimation conspiracy theorists are people who use these tales as excuses as to why they can’t succeed in their own lives. 


    2. Likewise. At least he is not hiding behind anonymity. Whether you agree with his words or not – YOU CAME TO HIS PAGE. It’s quite easy to leave and not ever come back. Also, you can make your own page and pen your own words. Name it “Trench Reynolds opinions suck” if you want. But, for eff’s sake, get the hypocritical commentary off of the man’s site.


  5. Conspiracy theories are for weak minded people? You are wrong, conspiracy theories are created by men and women who are not afraid to ask questions and investigate the truth. Weak minded people believe what the media tells them. They live in a cocoon and are brainwashed into believing that things are just what they seem. Society leads us to believe that there is no need to ask questions because are government has already answered them for us. Conspiracy theorist ask questions and usually they are very valid questions. However, these questions are never answered. Why is that?….the theory will remain alive until proven wrong.


  6. “No you weak minded”

    “No! I are stwong minded! I only beweieve da troof”

    Will all of you shut the fuck up and just admit that nobody really knows wtf is going on?..Please..just hush and accept your ignorance. No matter how strong or weak minded you claim to be by claiming others are less intelligent, in the end not one of you have answers . Just “this is what happened because it’s what I was told happened” or
    “this is what happened because I honestly don’t know what happened.” STFU
    At the end of the day none of us understand the madness that is currently swallowing us all. And they keep it that way either by design or coincidence.


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